Daniel was born in Czech Republic. He graduated with honors from Palacky University in Olomouc where he became Master of Science (Mgr) in Natural Sciences. During his studies, he often took adventurous trips around the world. In 1995, he worked as a horseback riding instructor in the United States, which he traveled from east to west and back. In 1994, with a symbolic single crown in his pocket, he set out on a journey through southern Europe, during which, after several weeks of wandering, he arrived at the yet popular mythical oasis of Palmyra in the middle of the Syrian desert. In 1998 he worked as a sailor on the ancient double-masted sailboat Pulcinella. In the meantime, he spent several years in Italy, mainly in Naples and later in Milan, where he broke into show business like an actor and speaker of MTV.

Daniel Pietrucha marina days on Pulcinella

Daniel – marina days on Pulcinella (1998)

In 2000 Daniel moved to Prague and starts working on film projects as an independent director and filmmaker. He took lessons on DAMU (Academy of Dramatic Arts) within 3 years and features many roles in commercials, various campaigns and films, such as the unforgettable Arminius in the German historical docudrama Kampf um Germanien / Arminius – Enemy of Rome. In the years 2000-09 he worked at the Cultural Institute of the Italian Embassy and later at the Embassy of Italy in Prague.

During his time in Prague, he produced many documentaries, short films and artistically tuned clips, which are largely devoted to fashion and design. He made presentations on fashion designers and stylists such as Jakub Polanka or Zofie Angelic. In 2005-07, he shot promo videos for Shooting Fashion Stars by Sony at the Prague Designblok, especially in 2006 when he directed the entire shooting unit, as well as the biggest Slovak fashion event Fashion Live! in 2014 and 2017. Recently, he made a name for himself in the field of film historical costumes and has had a number of prestigious collaborations with important foreign and domestic designers. Randomly – The Wheel of Time (USA), Das Boot (Germany), Medieval (CZ / USA), When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit (Germany), Lore 2 (USA), Twilight of the Templars (USA), Die Ketzerbraut (Germany) and many others.

His adventurous journeys did not stop there. In addition to an intimate documentary about Shinto temples from Japan and a spiritually tuned film about Jerusalem, a feature documentary from Naples Napolimia and Pescatori di Procida has been added in recent years. At present, Daniel is engaged in filming of various film and documentary projects, creating the “Unbound” brand, organizing the popular talk show Prague Balcony and in literary activities.