Daniel was born in Czech Republic. He studied Palacky University in Olomouc where he became Master of Science (Mgr) in Natural Sciences. Since he left the University but even during his studies he was traveling over the world, working like a coach of horseback riding in the USA, travel guide in the Close East or mariner. He spent a couple of years in Italy working in Naples and lately in Milan. There he broke into show business like an actor and speaker of MTV.

Daniel Pietrucha marina days on Pulcinella

Daniel marina days on Pulcinella (1998)

In 2000 Daniel is shifting to Prague and starts working on film projects as an independent director and filmmaker. But still…he went on with his acting and he has featured many roles in films and commercials of various brands till these days. He took lessons on DAMU (Academy of Dramatic Arts) within 3 years. Working in Cultural institute of Italian Embassy and continued in Embassy of Italy until 2009.

During this period he has produced a lot of film documentaries, short films and art based commercials mostly regarding world’s fashion and design. He made presentations on designers and fashion stylists like Jakub Polanka, Olo-Dressing, Vojtěch Novotný or Zofie Angelic. Daniel has created promo spots of Shooting Fashion Stars by Sony for the years 2005-07 taking a part of Prague Designblock and especially in 2006 when he directed the entire shooting unit, as well as the biggest Slovak fashion event Fashion Live! in 2014.

In the early 2008 he traveled in Japan bringing back a short documentary about Shinto shrines, as he did a couple of years ago in Jerusalem. These days he is dedicated to various film and documentary projects, organizing popular Pražský balkon and writing books.